We Have EXPERIENCED Supervision!

We have experienced men in charge of your precious items who know their stuff! Jake & Tony keep a careful eye and coordinate the process step by step. You can put your trust in them. They know just how your goods and items need to be handled. They will give you their personal guarantee that every item will be treated during transport. We take the “worry” out of your moving experience!

We Handle Your Things With Care!

We truly care about your precious items as if they were our own. We handle them with good care. We watch closely that every turn and every lift with your furniture is precise. We watch the corners of your tables, chairs and other fragile items very carefully because they are the first thing to get scuffed or broken. All of our movers are taught and trained how to move items in the proper way. Our movers have been around long enough you can feel confident we are not training “new help” on your job. Believe me, we know the best way to move your entire house of furniture down to that one special piece you couldn’t live without, and we do it from start to finish as professionally and carefully as it can be done.

We Pack Your Belongings Safely!

Action Moving is one of the few moving companies that truly pack our customers items in heavy duty wraps. This keeps them safe and sound until they arrive at their new destination. We all know sometimes things can happen when we didn’t plan on it. A bang or a bump or even a scratch. Inexperienced movers sometime don’t know how to keep this from happening. The men at Action Moving can’t tell you it’s never happened to us, but we’ve certainly learned all the tricks when it comes to nearly stopping it entirely. Sure we’ve learned from experience, but we’ve put what we’ve learned into practice, and that’s a good thing for you!

We Know Our Business

At Action Moving, we hire full-time, experienced employees. They are trained in the art of moving your valuables. This means you can rest assured that professionals are on the job with Action Moving.

We keep all of our certifications current, including both intra and interstate certificates. We are licensed and insured (USDOT #934585) One call to Action Moving means you will be in good hands and well taken care of.

We all know what a hassle moving can be. Let Action Moving take the hassle and turn it into a very pleasing experience. We are experts at our field and our experience affords us the knowledge to know the ins and outs of your move.

Do you have a beautiful piano that needs to be moved? Has it been in the family for years and years and doesn’t have a scratch on it? Please don’t be stressed. Call Action Moving and have the assurance that the best in the business will be on the job.

Action Moving wants to serve you! We want to be the guys that you call when you need to make a move, whether it is across town or hundreds of miles away! That is why we’ve been in business for over 20 years.

We Use Only The Top Of The Line Trucks!

Our trucks are the best! Our drivers transport your furniture, pianos, and other family heirlooms as carefully as possible. When we load our trucks with your things they become “our things” at least for the rest of the journey.

When you’re ready to make a move give Action Moving a call.